Labuan Company Secretary

We provide a wide range of integrated suite of services to clients from setting up of new Labuan entities, preparation of necessary resolutions to providing assistance and consultations to the Board to ensure the compliance of latest statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services in Labuan includes

  • Provision of Corporate Secretary
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registration
  • Labuan Work-Permit Application
  • Ensure compliance with the Labuan legislations
  • Conduct credibility searches such as World-Check, Labuan entities searches and other relevant corporate information



We also provide assistance in updating your business structure includes but not limited to:

  • Lodging changes in the list of directors to Labuan FSA due to
    • Appointment of new Director
    • Resignation of existing Director
    • Death of Director
    • Removal of existing Director
  • Changes in the Shareholding Structure of the Labuan offshore company
    • Transfer of shares from existing shareholder to new shareholder
    • Transfer of shares from existing shareholder to another existing shareholder
  • Changes in Memorandum and Articles of Association



We also provide assistances in applying for the following licenses in Labuan